We’ve created a quick and easy quiz to see if a custom-designed rental is right for your brand’s marketing goals. If you answer yes to each of the questions below, you probably should consider a custom rental for your next show.

1. Is customization important to you?

A rental allows you the same customization potential that you can get from purchasing a booth, so your marketing goals are never limited.

2. Do you plan on exhibiting at multiple shows every year?

Custom rentals allow you to create different designs for every show you attend so that you can tailor your message based on region, demographic, and show type.

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3. Want to avoid handling the shipping, storage, and maintenance of a booth?

With a rental, you can leave all the logistics of booth maintenance, delivery, and storage up to your exhibit provider.

4. Are you looking for the best way to get a custom booth without a significant up-front investment?

On average, a custom rental is is 70% less expensive than a booth purchase.

5. Would you prefer that your company’s message presents as current and relevant for each event attended?

A custom-designed rental offers you the flexibility to design for the moment, so your message is always on point with the trade show you’re attending.

6. Do you like saving money on associated booth costs?

Rentals save you the significant up-front investment associated with purchasing a booth, as well as associated costs like storage, shipping, and handling.

7. Do you like saving time?

Instead of spending time dealing with shipping companies, storage facilities, and labor teams, you can focus on fine-tuning your trade show strategy while your awesome support team at Steelhead handles everything else.

8. When you do an event, are you happier if things run smoother, with less time/money-wasting surprises?

Our on-site floor managers stick with you for the duration of the show, providing you with immediate support whenever you need it.

9. Do you care about sustainability and the environment?

Rentals severely reduce your impact on the environment. It’s a big deal, considering the trade show industry produces over 600,000 tons of waste every year.

10. Do you wish you had an awesome support team to build and tear down your booth at every show?

Steelhead promises to provide you with the best support you’ve ever had, so your time, money, and resources go to getting your message out, not building and maintaining a booth.

Bonus question: Do you want to learn more about the benefits of a custom-designed rental? Check out our white paper: 3 Pitfalls of Owning A Trade Show Exhibit.

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