The time we spend on our devices is increasing. This means the number of photos, documents, memories, notes, information, and projects we store on them is increasing as well. And while most of us have the spring cleaning of our homes checked off the to-do list, this very important space has most likely been neglected.

The good news is: it’s not too late! The best part about organizing a digital space is that it can happen at any time of the year and from almost anywhere. 

To get started, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite resources that have easy and useful tips for organizing our electronic clutter. Happy digital cleaning!

Digital Spring Clean

Mobile Cleanup

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10 Clever Tips to Free Up Storage on Your Smartphone

When was the last time you went through all the apps you’ve downloaded on your phone? What are the ones you barely use or could just go without?

The Simple Way to Declutter Your Phone

One big step you can take to declutter your phone is to organize all your apps by task. That way you’ll know just which apps you’re actually using.

7 creative ways to organize your mobile apps

This article got us thinking about the number of apps we’re paying for and don’t even use!

Computer Clean Up – Inside and Out

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Digital Declutter — 15 Ways to Become More Productive and Less Distracted

A messy digital life can easily lead to distractions and anxiety. From overcrowded inboxes to slow WiFi, there are several areas of your digital life you can clean up to improve your daily efficiency. 

Cleaning Your Computer 101

A handy breakdown about how you can get your computer clutter free, written for those of us who aren’t IT experts.

5 Tips to Effectively Clean Your Electronic Devices

And finally, a little “how-to” on how to physically clean your electronic devices. Hint: The outside should be as clean as the inside!

Get Organized and Protect Yourself Digitally

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Your Guide to Digital Security

Great guide from Wired on enhancing your online security.

Deep Dive into Your Digital Assets to Protect Yourself

Old thumb drives, photos, and outdated devices are potential security breaches in the making.

Clear Out Your Cyber Clutter with a Digital Spring Cleaning

Do you know how to “lock down your login”? If not, you totally should!

For more tips, check out our resources on digital engagement beyond the trade show floor.

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