Many companies find it difficult to choose an exhibit company to build displays for trade shows. Making the wrong decision can be costly, and a poorly designed trade show booth frequently generates fewer results from marketing efforts.

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Below are some important considerations to make when choosing an exhibit design company.

1. Their Industry Experience

Trade shows are an important marketing opportunity for companies, and marketers should choose a designer who has experience in creating highly appealing, attractive exhibits that get results.

Consider the following questions:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. How many booths and displays do they design & build each year, on average?
  3. How much repeat business do you get, on average?

By getting the answers to these important questions, you can start to determine whether the booth design company is qualified to work on the booth you're looking for.

2. Help With Design Aspects


Some firms focusing on exhibit building do not handle the design phase of the project. They simply take the client's specs and build to suit them.

Other companies offer a full range of services covering every part of the design and building of trade show exhibits. If you've never put together an exhibit before, you can benefit from the help provided a comprehensive booth designer.

3. Who Builds the Display

You may believe the exhibit builder you hire is always the one working on your displays, but this is not the case in every situation. You may be able to hire subcontractors, but doing so could result in ending up with an unknown provider working on your project.

4. Their References


An exhibit house that can't provide references for the client's desired services should be removed from consideration. If you're looking for a booth design, ask for references from customers who have received the service and verify those references before signing an agreement.

5. Their Website

A reliable exhibit design house will certainly have a website for potential clients to view. A properly designed website gives the customer insight into the services the company provides.

If they don't not have a website, or it's poorly designed, that firm may not be the best choice. When a company creates a website, it shows they plan to be around long enough for potential customers to discover their services. It also shows that they care enough about their first impression that they'll care about yours as well.

6. A Portfolio of Past Trade Show Booths


When clients are seeking design services, they should pay careful attention to the portfolio provided by the booth designer. A portfolio gives potential customers insight into the company's past work and tell the customer whether they can get the results needed from the designer.

7. The Project's Completion Timeline

Even the most qualified exhibit house might not be the right choice if they cannot meet the customer's deadline.

As soon as your company decides to attend an industry event, usually at least a year beforehand, you should start interviewing exhibit design houses. By starting early, you ensure the exhibit is done in plenty of time for the event.

8. Inclusive Pricing That Meets the Customer's Needs and Budget


When you look for booth builders, you should consider the price for the services needed and decide whether it suits the advertising budget.

However, don't just base hiring decisions on price without considering other equally important factors. While pricing is an important concern, going too cheap can be costly if the booth is of poor quality or holds limited appeal to visitors.

You should also consider transportation to the venue as well as setup and teardown services. Heavy and oversized displays can be expensive to ship to trade shows and may require the hiring of on-site personnel to bring them into the venue and assist with setup. These features are important and, in some cases, can add considerably to the project's final cost.

9. The Amount of Time The Builder Spends Reviewing Everything

When you hire a trade show design vendor, the provider should take the time to understand what you need and get an idea of your company's goals. If a potential provider can only afford to spend a short time during the interview and review phases, you should take it as a sign they may not get the services you need.

10. Whether the Exhibit Designer Has a Physical Business Location


As mentioned previously, some exhibit building companies hire subcontractors, and many of these do not have a physical business address. You should not assume an exhibit builder with a sharp, official-looking website is a reliable, honest, and ethical business.

Do the best you can to ensure they are working with the actual crew that will design and build the trade show exhibit. If possible, you should ask for an onsite meeting to determine what type of company you're working with.

11. Great Customer Service

Finally, choose a builder with top-notch customer service. As a client, you shouldn't feel you're unimportant or irritating. Rather, the company you choose should work to make you feel valued, and the team should work to create an eye-catching display that meets your needs.

After the initial meeting, you should come away with the feeling they're being taken seriously and the vendor will be simple to work with. The company's helpfulness and the ease with which challenges are handled should play important roles in your hiring decision.

Choosing the right exhibit building company does not have to be difficult. By starting the search early, ensuring the company offers the right services, choosing an experienced provider, and placing an emphasis on customer service, you can find a builder who can help them meet your advertising goals.

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