Things are wrapping up at the trade show, you totally killed it, and you met a lot of great prospects along the way. That adrenaline that fueled your numerous interactions may be waning, and fatigue could be setting in. And you feel it: that all-too-familiar temptation: the cliché. But hey, you’re better than that.

Let’s dissect the top three clichés that can stop all your hard work dead in its tracks.

19.11_relief-face_icon_steelhead_11.“I hope you’re recovering from [trade show name]!”

Not only is this totally unoriginal, but it’s also borderline offensive. You’re basically telling someone that they can’t handle their job.

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Put yourself in their shoes: they’ve already met a ton of people that they are trying to keep straight. Plus, they are likely headed back to a mountain range of emails and work to catch up on. Don’t add to the fatigue.

Instead, get to the point, and get there fast:

  1. “At [trade show name], we discussed [topic] ...”
  2. “At [trade show name], you mentioned [need]. Is that still the case?”
  3. “We met at [trade show name] ...”

Asking these questions makes it about them and their needs. You can then demonstrate that you not only understand their pain points, but that you are also prepared to offer the solutions they’re looking for.

19.11_waving_icon_steelhead_12. “My name is Angela and we met at …”

Your prospect just met like a hundred Angelas. Well, maybe not “Angela” in particular, but you get the drift. Names and faces tend to blend together when you’ve just come back from three days of trade show insanity.

They are more likely to remember you by the conversation you had, rather than your name. The value you brought to them on the trade show floor is what matters, so lead with that.

When you email your prospect, make it about them and their needs. Remind them what it is about your business that impressed them enough to give you their contact info in the first place.

Here are a couple of email approaches to try:

  1. “We discussed how …”
  2. “I remember you were really excited about …”
  3. “You were curious about …”

Remember, your prospects are receiving many emails. These kind of statements demonstrate that you took the time to listen and retain information pertinent to them. This sets you apart as someone who will prioritize their needs, and go that extra mile to ensure their success.

19.11_buy-now-sign_icon_steelhead_13. “Are you ready to buy?”

Picture this:

You’ve been across the country for five days. You walked over 10 miles per day, talked to hundreds of new people, learned about tons of new products, and ate and drank way too much along the way. Now you’re home and you feel like your head (and possibly your liver) could explode at any moment.

Then, you open your inbox and find 100 emails all shouting the same thing: “Buy now!” What would you do?

In some rare cases, your prospect may be ready to move immediately. But consider that the exception to the rule, and woo them a little more first. After all, you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you after the first date, would you?

(Well, maybe you would, but that’s none of our business).

Instead, focus on providing value above and beyond what you did on the trade show floor. For example:

  1. “I noticed you were interested in [topic]. Here’s some more information on that …”
  2. “You might find this valuable in your search for [solution to main pain point] ...”

Remember that your prospects have many contacts clamoring for their attention. Keep these tips in mind and they’ll look forward to hearing from you, rather than wanting to hide under their desks.

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