“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished”

Benjamin Frank

Supplier Assesment


As we're all faced with an ever-changing business landscape right now, these questions about how you work has surely been on your mind … ”Is my strategy innovative?”, “How will I adjust with a reduced budget?”, “Are my suppliers adding value and fresh thinking?”

To stand out from the crowd, it’s critical that your marketing strategy is up to date and that you’re partnered with suppliers who can support your highest success.

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But, how do you know when it’s time for change?

Let’s start by agreeing that the world has sped up and the need to adjust your marketing and partnerships to meet a progressive market strategy is a requirement. Period.

There’s no textbook right answer on timing, but there are a number of instances that should trigger a review and possible adjustment.


Here are 3 we think are imperative to be on the lookout for:

1. Your strategy or supplier relationships are over 2 years old

The first sign that it’s time to update your strategy is if you created over 2 years ago. My personal opinion is that 2 years is 1 year too long. Technology rapidly changes human behavior and for a marketing strategy to work well you have to understand how humans behave.

2. Your budget has changed

It’s highly unlikely that your marketing budget will remain the same from one year to the next. Luckily, progressive and innovative solutions don’t always cost more! Typically factors such as sales, turnover and capital investment will likely affect the marketing spend. A commonly used budgeting technique, coming from the Small Business Administration, recommends spending 4-7% of gross revenue for marketing and advertising.

3. Marketing trends have changed

Marketing trends are ever evolving! What was trending 6 months ago, might not cut it anymore. If you don’t evolve your marketing strategy to consider or incorporate what’s popular now; you’ll likely get left behind.

If you’re not using the latest marketing techniques or most progressive partnerships, your marketing result will surely suffer. Outside of providing the above recommendations, we’ve created a worksheet to help you evaluate the team of suppliers you lean on to ensure your success.

Click here to download the evaluation worksheet.

And as always if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

- Rhiannon Andersen, CMO

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