Imagine you’ve chosen a new exhibit design company. Their sales team is super friendly, their design seems solid, and the price is right. So, you make the deal and start the process of moving forward with your exhibit.

But that’s when you get a surprise. Your account manager isn't helpful. Now, what was once a smooth process is now stressful.

Account managers are an event planner’s main point of contact once the sales process has ended. You go to them for revisions on design, questions about shipping and handling, logistical requests, and anything else related to the design and implementation of your booth.

If that sounds like a lot of responsibility to put on one relationship. You’re right. And that’s why we believe account managers should be absolute rockstars at their jobs. Here’s how every account manager should work with you.


1. They Understand Your Vision

When you enter the sales process, you share your marketing goals, logistical needs, and budget concerns with a sales team. But all too often, account managers aren’t involved. That’s the wrong way to do it. Why? Because your account manager is missing out on understanding your original vision.

Our account managers listen in from the beginning so they know exactly what you’re looking for and don’t get caught off-guard further down the road.

Your account manager should understand all of your expectations so they can commit to exceeding them at every possible opportunity.

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2. They Take Away Stress and Fear

The lead-up to a trade show can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially if you're coordinating the design and delivery of a new exhibit. And, when you’re already feeling stressed, poor communication only makes the situation worse.

A good account manager shouldn’t just get back to you on questions and requests, they should understand your situation, anticipate your needs, and resolve issues before they become problems. That's because they can dissolve the stress and anxiety that comes with preparing for a trade show.

As you work with your new exhibit design company, you should feel completely at ease. To do that, our account managers establish trust with clear communication and quick responses to all of your questions.

3. They Provide Truly Awesome Support

Once your exhibit is complete, a great account manager should invite you to explore your booth in their showroom so you can see exactly what you’ll be exhibiting on the show floor. In some cases, they’ll even escort your booth to the trade show and meet you there to make sure everything is as you expect it.

At the end of the day, being a phenomenal account manager is about providing awesome support at every available opportunity. It’s about being responsive, and receptive. It’s about listening to your concerns and addressing them with thoughtful and effective solutions.

So, how do you find an exhibit design company with great account managers? It starts with a revised RFP process. Learn more in our new white paper: How To Evaluate And Choose An Exhibit House.

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