Spend enough time on trade show floors and you start to see the same mistakes made by companies over and over again.

Over at Trade Show News Network, SocialPoint founder Samuel J. Smith put together a smart list of some of the greatest hits — and by hits, we mean really stupid mistakes. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Booth staffers looking at smartphones

2. Talking with other booth staffers while attendees walk by the booth — or worse, while attendees stand in your booth

3. Letting messy clutter and trash accumulate in the booth

4. Offering crappy giveaways

5. Spending too much time on one visitor

6. Scanning badges and calling them leads

7. Taking too long of a break — or none at all

8. Being overly aggressive with attendees in the aisle

9. Bringing the wrong booth staffer

10. Missing lead follow up

While we agree with every one of these mistakes — hell, we’ve seen companies make each of them at some point — there are four that are outright indefensible in our eyes. 

megaphone_steelhead_icon_1Being Overly Aggressive with Attendees in the Aisle

We’ve seen exhibitors totally blow potential opportunities by being too aggro toward attendees, which usually makes people shut down and want to be somewhere — anywhere — other than the booth.

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Want to avoid this? Stop focusing on making noise and instead focus on making people feel invited to your booth. Give them a reason to stop without yelling at them.

steelhead_icon_inspect-self-reflection-examine-person-1Spending Too Much Time on One Visitor

Yeah, you want to make each of your visitors feel welcome and special. But that can’t come at the expense of ignoring other potential leads.

Even just acknowledging a visitor while you’re busy can make a big difference. Better still, pause with your current visitor to get the other attendee introduced to another staff member at the booth.

chat-bubbles_steelhead_icon_1Talking with Other Booth Staffers While Attendees Walk by the Booth

...or worse, while attendees stand in your booth.

This is a big one. Nothing kills a potential lead like someone feeling ignored, especially if it’s happening because your staff is blabbering away to each other like a knitting circle.

Make sure everyone working your exhibit knows they have one specific job: to interface and help visitors engage with your exhibit.

iphone_steelhead_icon_1Booth Staffers Looking at Smartphones

Look, we get it. Smartphones are a part of doing business. But just like with staffers chatting, having them scrolling through Instagram or Twitter while attendees drift by is a death sentence for your exhibit.

Ideally, you want the staff of your booth to stow their devices out of sight while working their shifts. If you can’t quite go that far, though, at least bring the hammer down and tell them their smartphones can only be used for, you know, actual business.

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