If you’re planning on exhibiting at a trade show in Vegas, consider working with a Vegas design firm. There are extreme benefits when you collaborate with an exhibit design company based in the same city as your trade show. Here are our top five reasons why.




1. Big Savings on Transportation Costs

When your exhibit is built in the same city as your trade show, your shipping and transportation costs go way down. In most cases, transportation fees eat up 10-20% of your overall exhibit budget. Work with a local exhibit firm and direct your transportation savings into a larger booth, more giveaways, or additional exhibit staff.




2. Intimate Venue Knowledge

Every trade show venue presents its own unique set of challenges. Here’s just an example of the types of logistical requirements that can vary between venues.

  • Exhibit height restrictions
  • Special handling (drayage) fees
  • Infrastructure for hanging signs
  • Show floor layout

Local vendors have years of experience creating exhibits for Vegas’ top venues. They know the ins and outs of creating exhibits that work for each environment. Take advantage of that insider info, and you can avoid costly fees and maximize your design’s potential.




3. Great Recommendations for Food and Entertainment

Vegas is a mecca for those who love awesome food and great shows. But, with so many restaurants and entertainment options, choosing just a few to enjoy can feel overwhelming. When you work with a Vegas design company, they'll hook you up with priceless tips on the best shows and dining options that only a local can provide.




4. Connections with Critical Businesses

Imagine it's the afternoon before your show kicks off and you suddenly realize you need a new graphic printed up, or to rent a dozen tablets, or to find new uniforms for your booth staff. Every marketing manager fears last-minute show emergencies, but you don't have to with a local exhibit design company. They can help connect you with the local vendors and businesses so your last-minute needs are always met.




5. Tapped Into Top Trends

Vegas sees thousands of trade shows every year, which means local design companies are always getting exposed to the latest trends and design ideas. When you work with a local vendor, you're benefitting from working with a company who knows exactly what it takes to stand out from the crowd at your next show.

Look for local designers when you start your next exhibit company search. Get more tips on finding the perfect exhibit designer for you.

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