We love tech shows because they feature some of the most exciting, innovative products and people we ever get to work with. And, with Infocomm (June 8-14) and IEEE (May 28-31) just around the corner, we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for this year. Upcoming shows also have us thinking about what it takes to stand out in a sea of other cutting-edge brands and products. In our experience, it’s all about great lighting, unique displays, and big, bold signage. Want to learn more? Here are five of our favorite ways to stand out at a tech show.

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1) Aim for Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can make any element of your booth pop. Use LED rope lights around the edges of walls and signs to make them stand out. Add accent lighting to product displays to focus attention on specific products. Or, integrate recessed accent lighting to make your booth feel more inviting and comfortable when compared to the harsh fluorescent hue that’s standard on most trade show floors.

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2) Stand Out with Super Signs

When it comes to signs, we’ve found that big is almost always better. Maximize the full potential of your booth by using hanging signs that attendees can see from across the show floor. Consider multiple angles to ensure your sign is visible from all directions, and don’t forget to utilize big walls as prime spots to integrate bold graphics.

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3) Engage with Interactive Digital

Digital product demos that are interactive are especially effective at a tech show, where many attendees are excited to engage with things like touchscreens, VR headsets, and other digital media. Take advantage of their expertise and interest with demos that utilize the latest tech, but don’t forget about the importance of human interaction. Come up with ways to pair each digital demo with a face-to-face conversation to maximize the potential of attendee engagement.

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4) Light the Way with LED Tiles

LED tiles transform walls, signs, and floors into eye-catching light features that can span your entire booth. Use LED tiles to create huge displays for video or turn whole walls into bright, backlit graphics.With LED tiles, you can enhance your booth appearance by adding video wall displays with light, motion and sound to create a memorable digital experience.

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5) Define Your Style with Unique Product Displays

Pair your most innovative new products in a display that’s as unique as your brand. Think of creative ways to showcase each product that allows attendees to identify it from across the show floor. At Modex in Atlanta, we helped SSI Schaefer create a booth that mimicked a warehouse floor to show off their latest facility management software.

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