Like signals you get from a date when they’re not really into you, leads at trade shows have their own tells. Some are obvious, some are not. Here are five of the most common ones we’ve seen.

1. They’ve Told You They’re Not

Kinda obvious, we know, but sometimes if you just ask a lead they’ll come out and tell you where they’re at in the decision process.

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If that happens, though, don’t give up. Just show them you’re providing value and let them know you’re around and have their back when the time comes.

2. They Only Want High-Level Information

Here’s something to remember: If they haven’t started to ask you about pricing or case studies, they’re not ready to buy.

This is when you can guide them closer to the solution to their problems instead of just pitching them your business. It’s also an opportunity to make sure they have your contact info for when they are ready.

3. They Aren’t the Primary Decision-Maker

On the trade show floor, you’re not always talking to higher rungs on the corporate ladder. People with the muscle to make budget decisions.

Getting on the good side of those lower in the corporate chain is always a good idea, however, since it’s the key to establishing a solid relationship with your prospect.


4. They Aren’t Qualified to Buy

Just because a prospect is extremely excited about your brand, your product, and everything you have to offer, doesn’t mean they’re actually ready to buy.

Keep in mind there are a lot of variables — from budget to location to time — that can hold up a potential sale. Yeah, this can be frustrating, especially if you’ve taken a lot of time with the prospect, but don’t let it get you down. They may not be ready today, but that can always change.

5. They Refuse to Schedule a Meeting

Again, this is pretty obvious. But even if a prospect is still shopping around, there are still some steps you can take to boost your opportunity for success.

The play in this scenario is to build trust with the prospect and not be too pushy. You also want to send them testimonials, case studies, and other information after the trade show to remind them of what you can provide.

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