Ok, you’re sitting down to plan your next show. How will you make it a success? How will you stand out from the rest of the exhibitors? How will you achieve your goals?

Here are 5 proven tactics that we’ve seen work again and again for both new and seasoned exhibitors.

1) Send Pre-Show Mailers

It may not be the sexiest technique, but it works. Identify which prospects will be at your next show and send them something that ties into the overall theme of your booth.

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Think about how to get your prospect to open your mailer. Look at the mail that you receive over the course of a week and think about what would catch your eye in the pile. Then send that.

Next, think of this as your chance to introduce your prospects to your theme for the show. Make the mailer look like the booth so they catch the visual connection at the event.

Finally, incentivize them to visit you when they get to the show. This could be through promoting a giveaway or some other tactic.

2) Give Away Something Valuable

A low-value giveaway may as well be no giveaway at all. The best way to attract people to your booth is to give away something that they’ll care about. We tell our clients to ask one question when determining if their giveaway idea is good:

Is this item hard to throw away or donate to charity?

Any item that doesn’t pass this test shouldn’t be used. It’s that simple.

3) Set Up Your Booth Staff To Succeed

Once a prospect arrives in your booth space, it’s up to the staff there to build a connection, create a relationship, and establish a solid reason to follow up after the show. We recommend doing a couple things to make sure your staff is aligned with your overall goals and 100% ready to make the most of your show:

  • Conduct a training with booth staff so that they know the best way to engage with prospects and help move your business forward.
  • Explain the overall campaign for the show and what goals and metrics you’re pushing for.
  • Define what success would look like at the end of the show.

4) Match Booth Staff’s Attire With Your Theme

How your team dresses in the booth matters. It’s best if the people working the booth match the booth design. Here’s why. It takes 7 interactions to make a lasting impression. By dressing your team in a way that aligns with the booth design, you’re reinforcing your theme.

5) Close The Loop After The Show

Your work doesn’t end when the show is over. Now it’s time to close the loop and make some sales. We recommend sending follow-up mailers to prospects that you saw at the show and creating a contact plan with your sales team to make sure they intentionally follow up with each and every prospect.

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