Marketing trends evolve at lightning speeds, especially on the trade show floor. Standing out in a crowd demands that your brand exhibits a booth that’s as unique as you are. As we look ahead to 2019, here are a few booth ideas we expect to see in some of the best booths of the year.

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1. LED Walls

Nothing commands attention like an LED wall. They allow your brand to create stunning visual displays in a variety of shapes and sizes. In the new year, look for advances in LED technology that allow for more applications, like overhead displays, curved walls, and higher resolution.

2. Specialty Lighting

The harsh, bright lights of most trade show environments offer an opportunity for brands who capitalize on options like recessed and down-lit lighting. We use them to create welcoming environments that draw in attendees, differentiate booth areas, and highlight products.

3. Specialty Flooring

Your floor design is just as important as your walls, furniture, and signs. Look to wood, faux-wood, and textured floors to make your booth pop in a sea of carpet-clad competitors.

4. Edge-Lit Letters

Edge-lit letters turn standard signage into a bold 3D display. With a custom-designed rental, you can also switch up the look of edge-lit letters between shows. By changing the color and style of lighting, or the background, you can create a new look with the same letters.

5. Virtual Reality Product Demos

Virtual reality is a great solution for brands that don’t have room to stage product and service demos within their booth’s footprint. We love virtual reality product demos that connect attendees with a brand in a more immersive way. But, our experience has also shown us that maintaining the human connection element at a trade show is critical. Pair your VR experience with an in-person meeting, and you’ve got a winning combo sure to increase engagement.

New technology and trends give your brand a unique opportunity to display something fresh and exciting at every show you attend. Find out why a custom-designed rental is the best way to keep your brand up to date. Check out our white paper: The Perfect Booth, For The Best Price.


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