Trade Show News Network named Vegas the top US city for trade shows, not just last year, but every year since 1993.

With so many trade shows coming through town, it’s easy to see why some of the best exhibit design companies set up shop in Vegas. But what does it mean for you as an event marketer?

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7 Benefits Of Working With A Las Vegas Exhibit Design Company


Here are just some of the benefits of working with a Las Vegas exhibit design company.

1. Reaction Time

When issues arise at the show site, a Vegas-based company can react immediately. Whether it’s before, during, or after the show, your exhibit design company is literally by your side to help out, not out of reach across the country in a different time zone.

2. Shipping Costs

When your booth designer is in the same city you’re exhibiting in, you save big on expensive shipping costs. And, there’s less risk of booth elements getting lost or damaged during cross-country travel.

3. Venue Experts

Vegas companies know the city’s trade show venues better than anyone else — so that you won’t get sidelined by unexpected height restrictions or other venue-specific challenges.

4. Support Local

The trade show industry is a significant component of the Vegas economy. Help support local businesses by working with a hometown designer.

5. Steeped in Trade Shows

Constant exposure to the biggest events of the year keep local design companies up to date on all the latest trends and cutting-edge booth features, so they can design your booth to compete with the best.

6. Local Connections

From last-minute print jobs to furniture needs and equipment rentals, take advantage of designers who have established connections with local vendors so you can get what you need when you need it.

7. Insider Info

Need recommendations for activities? Meeting spaces? Or restaurants? A Vegas design company has insider info on the best places to wine, dine, and meet with your clients around town.

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