Attracting Values Based Clients

July 15, 2022

As we continue our conversation on the Values Economy, sustainability consultant, Eliza Erskine, speaks with Steelhead VP of Sales, Lance Randall, on how Steelhead communicates it's values to prospective clients and how these values help attract specific types of clients.

How does Steelhead communicate its values to prospective clients during the initial overview of Steelhead’s capabilities?

We talk about values a few times during initial conversations and then beyond as the relationship grows. It’s not just done in the initial uncovering. During the discovery process, we discuss our values and the activities surrounding those values.

However, during these conversations it's more about uncovering what’s important to the prospective client, through a series of questions we uncover where the values align, if at all. We ask what’s important to them and can quickly identify how Steelhead can help, values wise.  Usually we find examples of values recognized in others and how we match them.

For example, Progress is one of our values and some clients come to Steelhead with new and fresh ideas for their both. We love this because it is our belief that fresh thinking, and ways to think differently, is essential for progress. Sometimes there are a lot of challenges from client requests and it can be tricky to do some things. Steelhead takes on that challenge and has to figure out how to deliver on the project.

Another value is Drive - We are driven which starts from asking "how can we" then pursuing the answer. And the “how can we?” becomes a big part of engaging with clients.  

Many values align with companies as a whole, but on a project basis too.

Prospects might be hesitant to believe the our values are as stated, so we must provide the "show" not just the tell. And we do that when we expose clients internally to Steelhead’s team and share the team values in practice within the organization.

Exposing customers to the teams they will be directly working with, like Graphics, Onsite support, Account Managers - make values more than just blanket statements.

Do you think Steelhead's values help attract a specific kind of client?

Yes, absolutely. Some organizations have values like Steelhead, but more importantly, they are living out those values like Steelhead does. The companies that have a strong foundation, strong values that are meaningful, and that resonate with their people - they're a natural match for us.  

We try to distill down our core values and communicate them with stakeholders. Steelhead’s values are unique, but if you look at a number of companies and their core values, our intent aligns. For example, time, progress, gratitude - lots of companies have those similar values and those companies will naturally be a better fit for us.  


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July 15, 2022
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