When you start to plan your exhibit and wonder how you can draw more customers to your booth, go back to the basics. Remember that people are people and humans are humans. Marketing benchmarks have nowadays become very technical. Google Ad Words, media selection, target audiences, pay-per-click response rates … it’s all useful data, don’t get us wrong. But worrying about the numbers like this might make you forget that good marketing really depends on understanding human nature and appealing to it. Saying to someone that they are down to earth is one of the most genuine compliments to receive, and one of the simplest to give, but it doesn’t come lightly. Being a good listener, a good friend, doing favors and staying true to your word are all genuine traits of a person. If you have confidence in your team, you should have the confidence that these traits will also be evident for customers and clients. Draw customers to your booth by using the same tactics that would attract your own sensibilities.

The Need To Fit In & Belong.
Everyone likes to feel a part of a group or community. Take Harley Davidson, for example. They don’t just sell motorcycles, they sell the dream of belonging to a community of drifters and free spirits. Think of other markets that have capitalized on this need to belong – the makers of RVs, boats, bicycles, luxury cars … the list goes on. Likewise, when you walk by a restaurant with a lot of people waiting, the first thing you think is that the restaurant must be good. Or because of the power of peer to peer marketing, the ability to research other consumers feedback is available at the touch of a button. And it’s available for just about anything – food or very specific products and services.

Human Senses
Almost all human action is motivated by a desire to feel good or avoid feeling bad. That seems like an impossible thing to figure out. Of course everyone is different, has different likes and dislikes. But zoom in for a second on the basics. There are five basic human senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

1. Sight.
- Make your booth aesthetic and pleasing to the eye
- Draw in customers with appealing designs, colors and décor.

2. Sound
- Play some music (something that would appeal to all – an easy top 40 list, an 80s throwback or college radio Pandora should do the trick) It creates a fun atmosphere, can be a conversation starter for ice breakers or help prevent awkward silences

3. Smell
- Smell trigger emotions, and can attract or detract. If selecting candles or other air fresheners, choose something fresh and crisp over perfume or cologne based smells

4. Touch
- Allowing people to have something they can touch or hold creates real memories. Games, technology or textures design will stick in someone’s mind more than paper or other cheap giveaways and handouts from the booth.

5. Taste
- Everyone loves to eat! Lots of walking means a lot of hungry people. Having small treats to offer can give people a reason to come in your booth, and a non-threatening way to stick around longer than usual and have conversation with your team

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