Don’t be tied down – break away from the ball and chain

When you walk past a park bench that says “Wet paint, don’t touch,” what’s your first reaction? If you’re likely to walk away from the bench with your head held high … and a fresh splotch of paint on your fingertip, you’re like us.

No one likes being told what they can’t do, and like the park bench, we just have to know what we can do.

Behold: The idea of being your own authority. That’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? You know what you want your trade show exhibit to look like – or maybe you don’t – but you certainly know what you want from it.

Return on investment, ROI, or a fancy way of saying more customers, more money, more impact. And to make more of an impact, you need to have options.

Let me explain what we mean when our title says “Be Green. Be Smart. Be Great.”

Let’s start from the end. Be Great. What does that mean? Let’s not have an existential discussion; let’s have a real one.

Evolve. Discover. The world is not flat. Neither is your trade show exhibit. The possibilities of evolving your marketing strategies with each and every show you exhibit at is a real possibility.

We’ve been taught our whole lives that having ownership of something is in some way superior to all other methods of reaping the full benefits of a product.

But we’re not real estate agents nor are we a car dealership. We like to have our cake and eat it down to the very last bite. Renting an exhibit allows you to evolve with your brand, expanding the message of your company as much or as little as you want it to with every show.

Be Smart. We know that the decision to exhibit is a big one. It means time, and it means money. By renting a custom exhibit design, you free yourself from costs of insurance, pull and prep, storage, handling and a myriad of other growing pains. Read more about the costs of owning vs. renting here.

Be Green. First of all, “being green” doesn’t mean we want you to go out and hug all the trees in the world. While that idea may appeal to some, it’s just not very realistic, is it?

Think outside the crate. You may not be able to save the millions of tons of waste going into landfills from every trade show, but you can decide that you won’t contribute to it. By renting an exhibit, you’re salvaging materials such as Velcro, plastics, laminates, adhesives, glass and other raw products from damaging our precious home.

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