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Have you ever stopped at a trade show exhibit and thought, there’s no way I could afford something like that? Trust me, we’ve all been there.

The most expensive part of being an exhibitor is, well, being an exhibitor. But being a smart exhibitor means knowing all the facts. Here’s a fact to consider: The cost of renting an exhibit is less than the cost of ownership.

We’ve always been leery of things that we’re told are a good deal, or a bargain buy, because usually there’s always a catch. Often the catch is the quality. Let’s go over some more facts.

A tale of two exhibits: The cost of owning a 20x30 exhibit could cost up to five times more than a custom rental exhibit, due in large amounts of cash sums known as capital. Building and buying a 20x30 exhibit may cost up to $50,000 up front, and another $50,000 payable on delivery. That same-size exhibit, (only cooler, newer and smells better) as a custom rental would be about $20,000.

Your total trade show cost isn’t just the cost of an exhibit, you have to include personnel, travel and other services along the way. Ownership also includes costs associated with red-tape items such as insurance, construction, disposal, refurbishing, handling costs, storage and other boring paperwork. These are costs that aren’t just a one-time fee, they will recur with every single show.

Another fact: Building and buying an exhibit is the exact same process as a custom designed rental. Carpeting, furniture, exhibits, fixtures … the same components are there, but they are designed specifically for you, at each show.


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