Visit a trade show and every exhibitor will have their own marketing goals. Some attend the event in an effort to generate more leads, while others do so to highlight new products and services their company is offering. Brand awareness is one reason many exhibitors take part in events of this type, and some trade show exhibitors participate in an event to achieve a combination of these goals. When the goal is to build brand awareness, companies need to find a way to maximize their return on investment. How can they do so in a crowded gathering of this type?

A brand provides a great deal of information to a consumer, doing so through the name, message and image. Certain companies have excelled in the area of brand awareness over the years, with Nike coming to the minds of many. The Swoosh has become synonymous with the brand name, and most people are familiar with the tag line "Just Do It". As soon as a consumer sees the Swoosh or hears the tag line, they automatically know which company is being referred to. No other words are necessary. Wouldn't it be nice if every company were this recognizable? Brand awareness can be achieved with the help of exhibitors and trade show marketing.

First and foremost, a company must ensure their brand name and logo are present on every piece of marketing material shared with the general public. This includes items used at trade shows. This consistency helps to build trust in the brand, and a business needs to ensure the items are uniform and made to company specifications. For this reason, every company needs to have a style and logo usage guide employees can refer to when they have questions about the name and logo and their usage.

Furthermore, the brand symbols need to be unique, positive and simplistic. The Nike Swoosh and tag line both fit these requirements, and this has helped them to become known the world over. The company name needs to provide the consumer with an understanding of what the business offers and it needs to be easy to pronounce. This helps to ensure there is no confusion amongst consumers when they are discussing the brand and its products and services. The name and logo need to speak for themselves. The term Nike refers to the Greek goddess who represents victory, thus individuals hearing the name Nike automatically think of winners. Make certain the brand name projects a positive image such as this and that the graphics follow suit.

Exhibitors represent the brand and help to increase awareness. They need to be dressed professionally and have the ability to interact with visitors easily. Not every person has this skill, thus a company may find they need to bring in an outsider to handle events of this type. Before allowing any individual to take part in an event, however, make certain they are familiar with the company's products and services and can answer any questions a visitor may have. An uninformed trade show booth attendant can do a great deal of harm to a business in a short period of time. For those times when a question does come up that the attendant cannot answer, he or she can simply take the visitor's information and pass it on to a company employee who can handle their question or concern. Prompt attention to the matter helps to build brand awareness also, as the visitor will remember the timely follow up.

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