Tecomet, a leading provider of manufacturing solutions for the medical device, aerospace, and defense industries, had recently gone through an acquisition that resulted in additional products, services, and capabilities to promote.

While this was clearly an exciting opportunity, it also created a challenge wherein competing messages and priorities came into play.

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Looking to update and refresh their booth rental program, the company partnered with Steelhead to completely revamp its exhibit design ahead of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting.

This is what happened.

The Quest: A Unique Design for Unique Products

Knowing the AAOS annual meeting would be a crowded affair, Steelhead worked with Tecomet on a booth design that helped the company stand out while also providing them with the flexibility needed to best showcase their products to attendees.

Using a pod design for the booth, Tecomet was able to employ multiple displays that maximized the display footprint area.

Included in the pod design was a primary booth structure constructed at a distinctive angle to grab attention from the main aisle, along with a vertical element to draw attention from every corner of the exhibit floor.

The Result: AAOS and Beyond

steelhead_blog-graphics_wide_tecomet-boothSteelhead’s design solutions for Tecomet at AAOS helped drive an increase in booth traffic on the exhibit floor.

Small touches like edge lighting on the company’s logo made the space inviting for attendees, and pegboard displays provided an effective showcase for the company’s products.

The unique pod design continues to pay dividends for Tecomet, as the company has been able to update the booth for shows beyond AAOS. Not only is this helping keep Tecomet’s booth program fresh, but it’s also making it more sustainable, and helping the company save money on its trade show budget.

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