When Cradlepoint approached us for stellar booth design, they were looking for something that will make a big impact at National Retail Federation 2019. As a leader in software-defined 4G LTE network solutions, Cradlepoint wants a booth that will draw in attendees and engage them with interactive product demos. A custom-designed rental would give them the bold design they needed.

Drawing in Demos

To help draw attendees in from the show’s main aisle, we created a bold, dimensional logo at the top of Cradlepoint’s booth. When attendees arrive at the exhibit booth, a double-sided demo booth station complete with tablets and headphones will lead them through Cradlepoint’s products and services.

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Traffic Flow Perfected

Cradlepoint’s position on the show floor demanded a design that considered approaches from multiple angles. By using impactful architecture, rear entrances, and multiple monitors, we created a booth that will draw in attendees from all directions.

Style and Utility

Great demo stations and big, bold displays are sure to bring in attendees, but Cradlepoint also needed areas to talk with potential customers. We designed a private meeting room and multiple tables into the booth so that Cradlepoint could have casual chats with interested attendees or serious conversations with major leads. We also added a spacious storage room where Cradlepoint could keep back up supplies, demo items, and extra promotional materials.

Cradlepoint got the eye-catching design they'll need to draw in attendees and backed it up with a functional space that will introduce potential clients to their services through demos. How did they do it? With the flexibility of a custom-designed rental.

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