There’s one word that every event manager looking to stay ahead of the curve should get tattooed on their forehead: curiosity.

Why? Because in our experience, the event manager who’s constantly seeking, constantly asking questions, and always looking for inspiration is going to have a clear advantage over those at companies that merely coast along with what’s always worked.

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Here are three ways we’ve learned companies can keep their curiosity brewing:

1. Ask Questions Within Your Organization


You should always be curious about your company first and foremost. So before you even begin to think about your campaigns and designs for an upcoming trade show, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do we go to that particular show?
  • Is that show still a good fit for our company?
  • What’s changed about our product or the marketplace in general?
  • What can our company do that’s different from what we’ve done before?

Getting answers to these questions from your own viewpoint and those of your team members on a regular basis will help you to always look toward the future when determining how your brand can make an impact.

2. Don’t Stay Satisfied


It always feels safe to dust off the same designs and messages that have worked in the past.

But just because something has worked before doesn’t mean you’ve got the secret sauce and can just sit back and relax. Innovation is always happening around you, whether you recognize it or not, so you should approach each new trade show as an opportunity to reexamine and, whenever possible, reinvent how your brand is represented. Your old campaigns may feel like a comfortable sweater, but it’s also possible they have mothballs at this point.

3. Test Your Internal Culture


Every company has its own culture, even if they don’t realize it. At Steelhead, we’ve worked hard to make our internal culture about always learning and always growing — regardless of our positions on the team.

By identifying your own internal culture, you can embrace what’s working inside your company and correct things that are not. You can also put in place a culture that encourages curiosity and being innovative in your thinking, not just when it comes to trade shows, but in everything you do.

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