Last year Samsung came to us with an big challenge. Ahead of a new product launch they needed a booth for Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.

But there were a few catches.

First, they needed to be able to build the booth on the exhibit floor in a single day. Typically this process takes 2-3 days. Call us crazy, but we were up for the challenge.  Our brand value of having fun along the way helped us. We love a good challenge, it’s a great way to dive in as a team to accomplish something big.

Second, they were on a budget. Costs are higher in the US than in Europe/Asia. This meant we needed to get creative.

Leaning Into Our Proven Process & Crystal Clear Communication

Our proven process has been developed over the course of hundreds of projects and guarantees that we think through every detail. All of that past learning and history, wrapped up into our proven process, was essential to making this work.


We also needed to be in tight communication with Samsung. Our team worked directly with their team in the Samsung headquarters in South Korea. Communication was open and honest and everyone was on the same page throughout the whole process.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves And Owning That “We Can Do It”

When we finished the design process we had created an exhibit that would launch Samsung Pay in a big way. The double-decker design was a first for Samsung. It also added some complications for the single-day build at the show.

We were committed to making sure there were no surprises for our Samsung team. We started out with this end in mind: believing every step of the way that we could achieve the goal.

Our detailed storyboarding, planning, and design process allowed our team at the show to get the booth up in record time and create a splash for Samsung. We were honored to help Samsung showcase its new brand in a powerful way.

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