Mergers always present unique challenges, especially for marketing teams who have to turn the brand messaging of two companies into one. So, what happens when a merger is finalized just weeks before a trade show? Let’s find out by taking a look at one of our most exciting clients, Waystar.

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Last-Minute Merger

HIMMS is one of the world’s largest gatherings of health information and technology vendors. In the lead up to HIMMS 2018, Navicure and Zirmed, two leaders in streamlining health information and revenue cycles, merged to become Waystar.

Waystar was excited to share its new brand with the world, but there were two challenges to address. First, their announcement of the merger was made just five weeks before the first day of the show. And second, both Navicure and Zirmed already had booth spaces rented for the show. With two booths to redesign from the ground up and just five weeks to do it in, Waystar started working with us on a last-minute solution. Within four days, we had a design ready.

Two Booths, One Brand

Waystar had two booths to redesign: one 20x20 and one 20x40. Our designers worked to rebrand each booth with bold, new graphics, big hanging displays, and bright new signs visible from across the trade show floor.

We also found ways to turn the problem of two booths into an opportunity. Instead of replicating a small and large version of the same design, we prioritized the space of one booth to feature product demo stations and additional casual seating. With the other booth, we utilized the space to create a much-needed storage room, and multiple private meeting areas where our staff could chat with clients about the recent merge and Waystar's future.

The result was a pair of booths that gave Waystar an eye-catching and functional design combo for HIMMS 2018.

Whether it’s a last-minute merger or a bold, new marketing message, we’re excited to help you conquer your trade show marketing goals. Learn more about what we can do for you by checking out our white paper: The Perfect Booth, For The Best Price.


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