We're excited to congratulate beMatrix® for winning Best of Show at EXHIBITORLIVE, the premier event for exhibit design professionals! We collaborated with them on an impressive exhibit lauded by judges for its aisle-spanning arch, inviting feel, and innovative use of space.

To pull off the design, two spaces that were directly across from each other were connected using an overhead arch. To add eye-catching impact to the arch, it was covered with cutting-edge LEDskin® that allowed for stunning visual displays. And, because the booth spanned an aisle on the show floor, traffic flow was maximized. Once inside, attendees were introduced to beMatrix products through engaging product demos.

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The Advantage of beMatrix Modular Solutions

For years, event marketers were forced to use booths made of heavy plywood. Construction took lots of time and required larger crews of people to put up, which only added to overall costs. Plywood was also harder to customize, resulting in lots of booths that looked the same because there were limited ways to use the material efficiently.

beMatrix® changed the game with their line of easy-to-use aluminum extrusion panels. With beMatrix, marketing managers can create incredible displays that:

  • Weigh less, so they cost less to ship and are easier to set up
  • Don't require tools, making them faster and simpler to install
  • Offer endless combinations that allow for amazing and unique designs
  • Are an ideal solution for SEG fabrics, one of the hottest trends in booth design right now
  • Can create massive displays that mimic real textures and environments

beMatrix and Custom Rentals: A Perfect Match

beMatrix modular panels are perfect for custom rental trade show booth solutions. We use their aluminum structures to design unique exhibits that are lightweight, easy to set up, and far more durable than traditional plywood structures. We love the modular capabilities of aluminum panels, which allow us to change designs easily and reuse components to create countless looks. And, aluminum panels are more environmentally friendly, because we can use them over and over again, unlike traditional construction materials.

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