Make 2020 the year you stand out from the crowd like never before — no matter what product or service you’re trying to sell. New decade, new experiences. Who knows? This could be your best year yet.

But you need to start planning now . . .

To help, we took the top forecasted marketing trends for 2020 and broke down how you can apply them to your own trade show campaigns today.

Trend #1: Incorporate Video

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We’re not talking about blasting heads talking on a massive monitor or tower in the background. Instead, the trends point in the direction of an unscripted, in-the-moment video experience.

People are eager for personal, authentic videos that are tailored directly to them. A great way to do this is by sending personal recorded video invites to your key prospects and customers.

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Live video is another marketing tool that will only grow hotter. We’ve seen live video walk-throughs of the trade show floor, live demos, and trade show real-time commentary work well as ways to get people excited and engaged.

Want to make your video shine in 2020? Make them personal, authentic, and in the moment to maximize your video marketing on the show floor in 2020.

Trend #2: Consider Immersive Technologies


With the release of 5G in 2020 — hyped up to be the best-ever network that’s both faster and more reliable — there’s opportunity to create even more powerful and immersive brand experiences.

While nothing will ever completely replace an in-person, face-to-face connection, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will be critical pieces to getting more attention in 2020.

And when they’re combined with a real person who can close the loop on the virtual/ augmented experience . . . that’s even better.

Trend #3: Integrate Micro-Influencers


Celebrity status carries a lot of weight. And many celebrities have gathered a massive following.

But we’re finding there’s even greater potential with micro-influencers. Even though they may not have as many followers as a celebrity, their approachability has the potential to garner more trust with their audience.

They know their people. Their friends and fans look up to them . . . and know they’re not just raving about a product because they were paid to do so.

But consider this: the rise of micro-influencers means everyone has some degree of persuasion at different levels — even your own employees.

In 2020, it’ll be key to leverage micro-influencers on social media (and even in-person on the trade show floor) as part of your overall marketing strategy to get more people talking about your brand, products, and services.

Trend #4: Use Data to Create a Personalized Experience


We have more data today than we’ve had since the beginning of time. And in many ways, we’re still learning how to gather the best insights and translate them into customizable trade show experiences.

That’s why, in 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and automation tools will shine.

AI, especially when integrated with tools like Lucy, have the potential to sift through an unimaginable amount of data from all areas of your business. It can discover and identify strong, potential signals that have the potential to lead you to create more personalized marketing campaigns.

One message will no longer work for every prospect. You now have the tools you need to track what your customers find valuable, what they desire, and what their primary challenges are . . . and then use the data to reach prospects on the showroom floor.

2020 represents a new opportunity to give your brand the chance to shine like never before — with something fresh, new, and exciting at every show you attend. We have more tips that will help you drive the results you crave in our free resource you can download now: 7 Keys To An Irresistible Trade Show Campaign.

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