On behalf of Steelhead’s Give Happy Committee, we are extremely excited to announce that our Drive and Drop Donation Station was a huge success. 

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The Las Vegas community and beyond came together in a tremendous way to support the needs of Three Square – Food Bank, a non-profit which is dedicated to providing emergency, wholesome food to those who are at risk of food scarcity and SafeNest, a non-profit which is committed to providing services to those who are experiencing domestic violence during these uncertain times.

We recognize that giving during times of crisis can be challenging, which why we’re proud that the theory of:

‘Your small donation + My small donation x Everyone else’s small donation = A huge difference for those in need’ was proven true!

Because of your generosity, we collected over 1,200 lbs. of non-perishable food, personal protective/hygiene items, baby products, paper goods, over $500 in cash and gift cards AND 22 pallets of water which is approximately 47,000 lbs. of bottled water. Raking in our total at 48,500 lbs. of donations, enough to fill an entire semi-truck!!

Here is a recap of how items were distributed:

- 874lbs of food donations
- 6,912 bottles of water
- And our team was also fortunate enough to help at one of their food distribution sites.
- 16,130 bottles of water
- 331lbs of personal hygiene items
- 50 face-masks
- $500 in gift cards
- 1,728 bottles of water
Drive & Drop Day


Big thanks to everyone who came out to donate:

  • Burners w/o Borders
  • Coby, Jane & Leo
  • Jannette and The Fam
  • Amy & Chip
  • Freddy
  • Sarah Berkley & Ash
  • Jimenez Family
  • Monica & Dave
  • Nadine
  • Omar Khidir
  • Owl & Doug
  • Bevis & Lisa
  • Melissa
  • Allison
  • Mike & Kim
  • Sharon
  • Jill
  • The Randall’s
  • Rhiannon, Rose & Kylar
  • TJ
  • Danielle
  • Khoi & Alyssa
  • Angela
  • The Kivi’s
  • Rachel & Buster
  • Rick & Jennifer
  • The Chavez’s
  • Thrive Hive
  • Cesar & Andrew
  • Liz
  • Bri
  • Orion
  • The Rowley’s
  • Tom & Leo
  • Pablito
  • Sean, Aida & Jacob
  • Oli
  • Becca
  • Debbi King
  • Tayler & Lauren
  • ITS & Teens Helping Teens
  • Skin Fuzion
  • Dave & Lisa
  • Eric
  • Total Show Technology (TST)

And to those who in the rush may have been left off – thank you and apologies. :)  


Donor Names

Non-Perishable Donations



Please take care of you and yours!

Your friends at Steelhead

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