“It goes without saying that trade shows and events are tough on the environment, producing daunting amounts of waste and carbon emissions every year. According to MeetGreen, the typical conference attendee creates more than four pounds of waste and just under 400 pounds of CO2 emissions per day. Multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of attendees and the environmental footprint of a typical event is pretty staggering.”
Top Ways To Go Green Without Impacting Your Event Budget, Trade Show News Network

It’s true. Trade shows are big waste producers. It’s the responsibility of all of us to try and cut down on that waste. That’s why we were excited to see the Trade Show News Network post an article on sustainability. It’s a conversation that all of us need to have.

The article is targeted primarily to event organizers, but we thought there were a few points that were especially valuable for event exhibitors as well. These are good to keep in mind as you set out to plan your next exhibit.

Participate in recycling programs. Most trade shows even have recycling programs that you can participate in. Here are a few other ways to incorporate sustainability into your trade show practices.

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1. Reuse graphics and signage when possible

We’re big believers in designing something unique for each marketing opportunity, but there will always be elements that can be reused from show to show. Think about how you can maximize these when you’re building out your next booth space.

2. Use eco-friendly materials for giveaways

Can you make your giveaway eco-friendly? Here’s an easy example: If you’re giving out free coffee at your booth, make sure your cups are compostable or recyclable.

3. Carefully evaluate your print needs

It’s tempting to print out as many materials as possible, but you probably don’t need everything you think you do. Carefully consider whether something could be conveyed digitally rather than printed out.

4. Donate unused items

Don’t throw everything in the dumpster when you’re finished. See what items could be donated or used by someone else.

5. Stay away from single-use plastic

Single-use plastics are a significant source of waste in our economy and in your personal life. They include anything that you use and throw away within a single use. As you determine every aspect of your event marketing, opt for reusable, sustainable, or at least recyclable elements to incorporate in your promotions.

6. Consider renting your exhibit

Another way to jump on the sustainability train as an exhibitor — rent a custom exhibit! Renting a custom exhibit will dramatically decrease the waste associated with your trade show program. Learn more in our new white paper, Why Rent? The Perfect Booth, For The Right Price.

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