Work harder, play hardest

To kick off holiday season 2014, before we’ve all had too many of Grandma’s cookies and fudge, the Steelhead crew met for their annual family night at Gameworks Las Vegas.

It’s one of the few times a year when our Vegas team gets to hang with our wayward bunch in from Chicago, New York, and Washington DC.  And after a long week plotting our next chess move, it was time to unwind.

And we make unwinding look good.

Nothing’s better than seeing the Steelhead family darting between bowling and arcade games (and occasionally the bar…) right alongside their mini me’s. Forget the sit-down dinner and evening attire – we wanted to have some fun.

And why shouldn’t we? The people who crank out their genius every day, spending their 9-5’s together, needless to say, get to know one another. About their kids, their families, their sports teams and sometimes, yes, their struggles.

Gathering together under one roof with all of these people doesn’t always get to happen, so when it does, it’s a beautiful thing. To say the Steelhead team is the beating heart of the company, isn’t just a cliché, it’s an understatement. They are also the brains, the ears, the eyes and the beef behind everything we do.

We take great care in who we hire for a reason. It’s more than just being able to draw inspirational graffiti on the bathroom chalkboard, (maybe a photo of a good one here?) It’s more than having creativity. It’s contributing to a culture that genuinely cares about work, family and fun to create the best and most awesome environment – whether it’s in the board room or the middle of the show floor.

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