While none of us can control total show attendance, we can leverage thoughtful exhibit design to influence how many attendees feel safe to approach, enter, and experience what our brands have to offer.

A Return to Event Marketing

Exhibit Safely


When we consider why we all revere face-to-face marketing in the first place, we begin to develop ideas on how to come out of this as more thoughtful and effective marketers than ever before.




Adapting to the New Normal in Our Industry

New Normal



5-Step Framework to Reopening Trade Shows Safely

Exhibit Safely


Click here To Download the official 'Global Framework for Reopening Exhibitions and B2B Trade Events' from UFI.




Socially Distanced Event Solutions

#1 Safety Pod

Safety Pod


#2 Social Spacing

Social Spacing-1


for more....


Click here to download our full case study on Public Environments and Social Distancing

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