One of the reasons we love designing awesome trade show booths is that it allows us to express our creativity. But, all that creativity has to come from somewhere, which is why finding new inspiration is always a top priority within the office.

This year, we decided to kickstart the creative process by creating power vision boards with help from corporate counselor and Reiki master, Jodi Friedman.

So, what exactly are vision boards, and how are they used? Here’s a quick primer on what goes into creating these fun-to-build sources of inspiration.

What Is a Vision Board?

On the surface, vision boards are collections of images, quotes, and affirmations that represent a person’s goals. They’re intended to serve as inspiration or motivation, and they can be customized to focus on a particular project, or as an overall source of creative guidance. Steelheaders created their vision boards to represent their individual goals for 2019.

How Are They Used?

Vision boards are displayed in a prominent place, often near a person’s desk or workstation so that they can see them regularly. The boards act as a point of focus and help connect your sources of inspiration to your work, subconsciously and overtly.

For Steelheaders, the boards act as a tangible source of inspiration for the new year, and we can’t wait to see where that inspiration takes us.

Check out a few examples of Steelheader vision boards below, and consider creating vision boards at your workplace! 



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