I hope this finds you and yours safe and sound in this truly unprecedented time.  Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted directly by COVID19 and also to those who are suffering in other ways as this pandemic takes its toll beyond our health.

For Steelhead, we have always been passionate producers of live events and have reveled in the power of human connection and face to face marketing.  Given the nature of the virus and our use of social distancing to mitigate its spread, these such events aren’t happening— and for good reason. The impact of this is vast, not only to event producers, but to the brands who rely on them to connect with their customers. Then there are the customers themselves, who look forward to trade shows as a way to see, feel, and touch the products and services they need to make their life or business better. And while these groups are not able to connect as they are accustomed to, the yearn to do so still exists for simply waiting until things ‘return to normal’ is not an option. We hear this call, and are here to help. 

today we are excited to launch a suite of Digital Product offerings that enable Brands to connect with their customers Beyond the Booth.

We share in the optimism with event professionals that some shows have not been cancelled, but postponed, so we have created pieces that allow brands to still engage with their audience. And when brands need to convert those leads into sales dollars we have the digital pieces that re-engage this audience to continue the sales process. Brands can use these virtual offerings to show their product offerings, product demos, guided tours and even book meetings.

There is a quote that has always resonated with me, “you can’t cut your way to prosperity”, many people have said it in one way or another so I can’t credit the author, yet it has always rang true with me.  While this pandemic is devastating in so many ways, there is also tremendous opportunity to separate ourselves from those who aren’t willing to evolve to new realities.

Live events and the power they have to connect us as humans will return, just when they do, no one really knows.  However, this desire and this need we have to connect, to do business, to share ideas, and to help one another is here now and will never go away.  We are here to help our customers build this bridge between now and then, just by approaching it in a different way.

Let us know if you would like to learn more about these digital engagement products and please stay safe.

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- Sean Combs, CEO

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