With the HIMSS on the horizon, it’ll be here before you know it, the time for planning is now.

Because HIMSS is a global advisor and thought leader that supports the transformation of health through information and technology, this is a premier show you have to be prepared to take full advantage of. Are you ready for it?

Here’s a case study with Waystar to help you get your juices flowing . . .

Creating a Massive Experience for Brand Merger

With less than five weeks before their biggest trade show of the year, Navicure and Zirmed pulled the trigger on their merger. That’s when Waystar was born.

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You can feel the challenge, right? As you can imagine, both Navicure and Zirmed had their own exhibits built around their own unique branding. But the team was gung-ho to rebuild and create an even bigger experience that would capture a singular Waystar essence. And we were eager to Exhibit Happy®.

After three weeks, and four days . . . the world knew Waystar was in business.


Leveraging a 20’ x 20’ and 20’ x 40’ island design, we built a two-story exhibit to create an inviting space for those passing by to stop and interact with the new, bigger Waystar brand. And for those interested in meeting 1:1, we carved out a quieter executive area for a more private meeting space.

The exhibits were wrapped in SEG graphics to reinforce the new Waystar brand. But nothing compared to the giant hanging sign that cut through all the distraction and visual noise of the show floor to communicate the new Waystar presence.

That’s not all. We designed four demo stations with 43’’ monitors. This enabled customers to easily interact and engage with the brand.

Then, we added a reception desk that provided a warm gateway into a casual lounge for seating and conversation.

Making Rebrands Possible with Exhibit Rental

Does it feel impossible to pull off a rebrand and purchase an entirely new booth just five weeks before HIMSS? If so, then we’ll ease your mind . . . it is. Not only would that be extremely cost prohibitive, but it would also result in a lot of excess waste.

That’s one of the many things that makes booth rental so great. Because you don’t own the materials, you don’t have to worry about storage, maintenance, or the high costs associated with rebranding. All you have to do is call us up and tell us what you need, and we’ll put together the exhibit of your dreams.

Inspired? Don’t wait before you start planning for the HIMSS. If you want even more help and inspiring ideas, here’s a free resource for you: How To Evaluate And Choose An Exhibit House.

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