Wow … what a few months! There is no doubt that most people’s psyches have taken a hit and the ability to stay grounded and positive has been challenged. We Steelheaders see you and feel your pain.

Because the above is very much our current state of being, we decided to bring in a friend to teach us how to navigate the current landscape of fear, uncertainty and anger.

Last week Timmi Jandro, one of the owners at Energy Muse, joined our Exhibit Happy® Hour and dropped some knowledge on how to combat the strain so many of us are feeling right now.

Here’s what she had to share about Energy Muse’s mission:

sage smudging


Energy Muse empowers you with inspirational jewelry, crystals and energy tools you need to create positive shifts in your energy and life. In a time where many things are out of your control, one thing you are in control of is your energy.  Our intention is to help you create a practice that raises your vibration of your mind, body and space and leaves you feeling grounded, calm and confident.

On our call, Timmi shared a few insights which taught us to easily shift from negative energy to positive. We have them linked here for you:

black tourmaline

Excitingly Energy Muse is extending 20% off any full price purchase at: by using the following code: Steelhead20. Please take this opportunity to stock up on all the items mentioned in the blogs above.

Be well our friends.

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