Steelhead Productions Partners with Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada 

Steelhead recently had the honor and privilege of helping grant another wish through Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada. When we heard about a little girl wishing for a bedroom makeover, we knew that our Steelheaders had the creativity and expertise to make this special wish come true!

Meet Maddy 

Corbin and Maddy

Maddy is eleven years old and like many children, dreamed for a long time about her very own bedroom. At the age of three, Maddy was diagnosed with a heart condition that prevents proper blood flow to her lungs, which means her heart needs to work harder than normal. External stimuli that may not ever give us pause can actually be quite dangerous for Maddy. 

According to Make-A-Wish, “To treat this condition, Maddy has been on different medicines, undergone six cardio catheterizations, and is now using oxygen daily. Not an ideal situation for an 11-year old girl who surely would prefer to concern herself with just about anything else than ensuring she stays near her oxygen tank.”  

Maddy, who has two sisters at home, had the normal childhood dilemma of sharing a room with her sibling. So when it was time for her older sister to move out, Maddy was really excited to finally have her own space!

Maddy’s wish was to decorate her new room. It was something that she put a lot of thought into, as she spent a lot of time journaling and making notes and sketches about how she wanted her new room to look. 


Steelheaders prep for Maddy’s room makeover - Oh, hi Chip!

Maddy - painting crew v2


“This wish of a room makeover would make Maddy’s dream come true of not only having her own room, but creating for herself a place that is decidedly Maddy’s and one where she could rest and be herself, leaving all the cares of the world on the other side of her bedroom door,” said Make-A-Wish. 



Steelheaders ready to assemble some beautiful furniture for Maddy!


Assembly Crew

Corbin Rowley, Steelhead’s Director of Operations, was excited to spearhead this project for the Steelhead team. Once he met with Make-A-Wish, he quickly got to work on mapping out the project and recruiting Steelheaders for painting and furniture assembly. 

“We are incredibly blessed to partner with Make-A-Wish. With our professional skillset and expertise, we had the right people immediately available and eager to help with this bedroom makeover. Maddy is an amazing kid and we are all so happy to be a part of this moment for her,” said Corbin. 


Maddy’s new room!


Corbin and Maddy's Family

Through teamwork and partnership with Make-A-Wish, Steelhead painted walls, doors, and trim, as well as assembled new bedroom furniture. We are thrilled to have provided this bedroom makeover for Maddie, and we hope she will keep journaling and dreaming in her very own new space!


Maddy gives her new space two thumbs up!

Maddy's Vision

For more information on Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada, and to learn how you can bring hope to wish kids like Maddy's please visit: Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada's website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  


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