“Years ago, marketers could take a vague stance on ROI for such an investment...But today, those assumptions are being challenged, as data-driven businesses expect proof of ROI.” Proving Trade Show ROI With Data-Quality Best Practices, MediaPost

Every trade show you attend represents a big investment of time and money for your brand. You want to make sure those marketing resources aren’t going to waste. Determining the ROI of your trade show booth is a critical part of any trade show manager's job. But, how can you make sure that the ROI you're calculating is accurate? According to a survey by MediaPost, it starts with good, clean data.

When your ROI is based on number of leads generated or qualified contacts, bad emails and incomplete data can pollute your analysis. Better data = more accurate ROI. Here's how to do it.

Focus on Clean Data Pre-Show

In the lead-up to your show, make sure your invitation mailing lists don't contain bad emails or out-of-date contact info. Experts say that up to 15% of emails on marketing lists are invalid, which can significantly alter your ROI calculations.

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When sending emails, use verification products to ensure messages are delivered successfully. And, if you use lead forms, make sure to integrate an API that checks the validity of email addresses, so you don’t end up adding bogus addresses to your list.

Keep Data Tidy During the Show

The same email verification products you use before the show come in handy during the show. 

In addition to collecting clean data, make sure staff are clear on exactly what data you want to collect. Consistent, accurate information is the best way to power a clear post-show analysis.

Clean Data Post-Show

Good data-collection practices before and during the show should minimize post-show data cleanup. But, it’s always good to give your contact info and numbers a once-over before you conduct your analysis. Consider using a third-party product to help remove duplicates and verify your data before you determine your ROI.

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