Innovation rarely happens by accident. Sure, people tend to say things like an idea just came out of the blue, but let’s be honest, the chances of a new and brilliant idea popping into your head isn’t exactly something you can count on.

Instead, innovation takes work and commitment. It also takes a culture that encourages people to think differently.

In our experience, here’s how you can best shake off the status quo and really change how your company does its marketing.

steelhead_blog-graphics_thinkingStay Curious

Once something works for a company, it’s easy to just cruise with it until the bitter end. Don’t do that.

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Instead, foster a culture that is always curious by always challenging the conventional wisdom in the company. Ask why you are going to a particular trade show. Dig deep into the data you have on what’s worked in the past and question whether it’s still relevant. Embrace the idea that there are no stupid ideas, just ones that don’t work at the moment.

steelhead_blog-graphics_changeBe Open to Change

Look, we get it. Change is scary, especially for the ones who tend to occupy offices on the higher floors of the building. Innovation doesn’t happen without a change in thinking, and a change in thinking doesn’t happen without a culture that is open to it.

Don’t keep a laser focus on your own industry. Instead, cast a wide net for inspiration into other ones. If you like something you see in, say, the hospitality industry, consider bringing those ideas into how you put together a marketing plan. Find things that you know work in other workplaces and then present the benefits of following suit up the chain.

The goal is to be like a shark: if you don’t keep moving, you’ll die. This is probably not actually true about sharks, but you get the idea.

steelhead_blog-graphics_risk-takingTake Calculated Risks

Cliff diving may look like fun, but unless you know how deep the water is you’re in for a rough time.

In your workplace, don’t be afraid to take a leap in order to stand out. But before you leave the cliff, at least get an idea of where you’re headed — and how it will turn out for you when you get there.

If you have an idea that seems radical, ask yourself why no one else in your industry is doing it. Is it because it’s so new that no one’s tried it yet? Or is it because it’s just a bad idea?

So again, keep an open mind and always be willing to change, but don’t just stumble blindly into it.

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