When Hearst Health approached us, they needed a unique solution for their upcoming trade show at HIMSS. With four different businesses to represent under one roof, their booth had to have plenty of space and maintain an efficient flow to deal with the number of attendees they expected.

“They were looking for an engaging space that would allow them to take their prospects and current clients through the patient journey," VP of Sales at Steelhead, Lance Randall, remembers. "When that journey was complete, they had a comfortable space to have additional conversations and meetings to strengthen their connection.”

To facilitate that journey, Randall and his team proposed a rental solution that included a two-story booth. It was a massive space, but by renting, Hearst Health could save tens of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on a booth they were only using once a year.

Standing Out From The Crowd With Hanging Signs

After working to develop a traffic flow that would allow booth staff to walk their attendees through the patient journey, we had to figure out a way to make each of Hearst Health’s four businesses distinct from one another. That’s where hanging signs came to the rescue.

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“The hanging signs were an enormous feature of the exhibit clearly defining the space and the hierarchy of Hearst Health and its family of businesses. They're different shapes, sizes and materials made the space very memorable and easy to locate from almost anywhere on the show floor,” says Randall.

Hearst Health was able to get a booth that offered a creative solution for their unique business needs. In the end, hanging signs proved to be the magic ingredient that made it all possible.

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