If you’re going to spend a lot of money going to trade shows, you’d better have a way to understand whether your marketing plan is actually successful.

Before you even start kicking the tires on your next trade show marketing plan, make sure you’re ready to do the following:

checklist_steelhead_icon_11. Set a Small Number of Concrete and Realistic Goals

There’s no point in flying blind into a trade show, so ask yourself what you’ll count as a success from your presence. Is it a specific number of leads? A certain amount of revenue? Brand impressions?

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Having a firm grasp of what you’re trying to achieve with your exhibit is the only way to know whether you’ve been successful or wasted a pile of money.

magnifying-glass_steelhead_icon_12. Measure Your KPIs Often

Once you know where you’re headed, you want to track your progress.

Set up ways to measure your success effectively. For example, how many leads are you taking in? What qualifies as a lead anyway? Do hot prospects or cold leads count? Just email addresses or phone numbers too?

For brand awareness, pick a way to measure impressions. Is it the number of hits on your website during/after the show? Number of people who visited your booth?

envelope_steelhead_icon_13. Know How You’re Going to Follow Up with Prospects

After the show, your work is just starting. Make sure you have a solid plan in place to follow up with prospects, whether it’s via email or conversation.

We’ve already written about how you should go about putting together this follow-up plan, from identifying where a prospect is on the buyer’s journey to how best to organize your leads, so make sure to check that post out.

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