Trade show floors are raucous and chaotic and easy to get lost in — not just for those attending, but for exhibitors as well.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps companies can take to help ensure they stand out at their next trade show. Some of them are practical, some are psychological — all are effective at capturing attention and boosting sales.

1. Engage All Five Senses


Your trade show booth should be a multi-sensory experience. That means engaging your prospects through sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing.

Engage All Five Senses

For the first three, think of things like vibrant graphics, free coffee, and popcorn. For touch and hearing, think hands-on demonstrations and music.

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By hitting all of their senses, you’re more likely to get attendees to stop by and engage with your team. And the more they linger, the easier it is to make a connection with someone who could be your next best customer.

2. Design Your Exhibit to Stand Out


As the old saying goes, you’ve got one shot at making a good first impression. To that end, here are some design tricks you can use to improve your booth’s success.

Accent Lighting

Adding lights, such as LED rope lights around edges of walls and signs, will help your booth stand out. And recessed lighting will make your booth feel more inviting to those passing by.

Super Signs

These stand out across the show floor, particularly if you ensure your sign is visible from all directions.

Digital Product Demos

Examples include touchscreens, VR headsets, and other interactive media. Demos are a great way to draw people into your booth. Just remember to pair demonstrations with human interaction.

LED Tiles

These are eye-catching features that let you create bright, backlit graphics and even massive video wall displays.

Unique product displays. Stand-out displays make an impact on the show floor while telling the story of your brand.

3. Tailor Your Messaging


In our experience, there are three types of trade show attendees: Lookers, Seekers, and Explorers.

SH%20Blog%20Icon%20200x200_9.12%20LookerIconLookers tend to be people wandering the show floor with no real goal in mind. That means you want your brand to get their attention so they remember you when they eventually have a problem you have the solution for.


Seekers, in contrast, know they have a problem to solve and are investigating potential solutions. While they may not be ready to buy from you today they are actively looking, so make sure you provide them with all the information they need without the hard sell.

SH%20Blog%20Icon%20200x200_9.12%20ExplorerIconExplorers tend to be former Seekers, but they are ready to buy and are sifting through the weeds for information that meets their budget, timeline, and other logistics. Effectively reaching them means making them comfortable and answering any and all detail-oriented questions they may have.

When planning your trade show campaign, it’s crucial to boil your marketing down to one cohesive message. But don’t let that confuse you into thinking there’s just one way to spread that message. Consider each of the above attendee types and think about ways you can make it more attention-grabbing for Lookers, more confirming with Seekers, and more detailed for Explorers.

Turn Your Exhibit into a Sales Machine

While every company has different needs — and every trade show floor has a different vibe — you can go a long way toward making your presence a success by hitting all five senses, being bold in your design, and knowing how to reach people based on their needs.

Nail all three of these tips, and you’ll find your booth not only stands out at your next trade show, but you’ll likely see a boost in sales as well.

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