As a marketing manager, you know that the process of deciding on an exhibit design company and completing your show involves lots of steps.

From coming up with design ideas to building out your booth and shipping it to the show, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

We've found that the best way to consistently execute high-quality projects is to work with partners who provide incredible support every step of the way.

This kind of awesome support should always:

  • Start with a solid schedule
  • Include comprehensive and clear project management
  • Finish with strong on-site support at the show

Let’s take a look at how these critical components of support work together to transform your next big idea into a successful trade show experience.

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Checklist Start with a Solid Schedule

Projects without transparent schedules can quickly get off track. This is especially true when those projects require input from multiple teams working on different aspects of your design and build.

A clear timeline ensures that everyone knows what to do, and when. Your exhibit design company should create a schedule that reflects every step in the process, so you’re never left in the dark or left to wonder if your project will finish on time.

Clear schedules also create accountability, so you know your booth is the product of a thorough design and build process. If your exhibit design company’s timeline doesn’t include enough time for booth review, client feedback, design revisions, and pre-staging, consider whether they’re providing you with the support you deserve.

App UI Execute with the Power of ExhibitForce

One of our favorite tools for keeping things on schedule is ExhibitForce.

ExhibitForce is a massive, industry-standard management tool that houses all project-critical details in one central, user-centric location — from event history, budgets, asset usage, and graphics history to planning, forecasting, and inventory availability.

ExhibitForce makes it easy to maintain a precise schedule for both you and your design house, because your team members have access to the password-protected portal whenever they need it.

Booth Inspection Get Pre-Staging Support

Another benefit of ExhibitForce is its power to keep track of all your booth items, from the build stage through shipping, all the way to the show.

We believe the best way to ensure there aren’t any surprises on the show floor is to pre-stage a booth in our showroom. When we stage a booth, we invite clients to come check it out, so they're sure everything about the exhibit's design and quality is exactly what they expected. If revisions are needed, we make it happen.

After a booth’s test run in the showroom, every item is cataloged and packed carefully and efficiently.

“We do reverse packing, so the first thing that needs to be out, like the hardware, the carpet, the tapes, we'll make sure that's right up front and ready for the on-site to take care of it,” says TJ Miller, Steelhead’s Show Room Supervisor.

We also always communicate with our on-site support teams to make sure they have what they need to build your booth on the show floor exactly as it was in our showroom.

Onsite Support Finish with Awesome On-Site Support

Your exhibit design company’s job is to help you achieve your marketing goals and succeed at a trade show. That’s why we believe their support shouldn’t end until the show is over, and your booth has been shipped home.

On-site support means you don’t have to deal with managing labor teams or dealing with last-minute surprises putting your booth together. You’re at a trade show to meet with clients and make connections, not troubleshoot an exhibit.

At every trade show, we stick with our clients and take care of everything, including:

  • Assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Tear-down
  • Packing
  • Shipping

From clear schedules and comprehensive project management through to on-site support, getting exactly what you want out of your next trade show demands an exhibit design company that supports you at every step along the way.

Want to find a company that will support you and your goals? Check out our white paper: How To Evaluate And Choose An Exhibit House.

How To Evaluate And Choose An Exhibit House Download Now

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