For so many of us, boredom struck while we were social distancing.

The things that typically consumed our time were no longer available, which made room to learn something new. We heard so many stories of people picking up a new hobby or committing to a new habit; yeast for baking was MIA and many bikes were on backorder.

Here at Steelhead, we decided to make the best out of a bad situation and keep ourselves occupied with something new. Here are some of our favorites:

Nadine Espanol


Jalapeno poppersNadine Hyland, our Executive Assistant, is proud to have picked up some Español. She didn’t share whether or not she used a program or self-taught, but we’ve found a program that claims to teach you Spanish with only learning 138 words. Cool! You can find more here.

Elizabeth Martinez, our Marketing Manager, shared, “I made jalapeno poppers for the first time and they were DELISH!” Click here for the recipe she used.

BooksCourtney Spiak, one of our Market Managers, shared that she, “tried some new recipes, including homemade salsa using tomatoes from my garden. And, I spent more time reading.” Though she didn’t share which books specifically, we know she read our Leaders Are Readers book club book Good Vibes, Good Life, which you can order here from Amazon.


Rhiannon Andersen, our CMO, shared that she jumped on the bread-making bandwagon and also confessed that not all loaves were edible. But in the end she bought a scale and followed the directions from a beginner’s guide to baking, which has helped. You probably won’t find her bread in a bakery just yet.

And lastly but just as wonderful, our sustainability consultant from Green Buoy Consulting, Eliza Erskine, shared that watercolor painting was the hobby she used to keep herself entertained. We’ve linked a watercolor starter kit here just in case you feel inspired to try your hand at painting while we wait for the full reopening of our country.

In addition to taking up new hobbies, we know that everyone binge-watched various shows, which undoubtedly included the entire Tiger King documentary series.

Hobbies have proven to help many people make their way through these peculiar times. And, hobbies are great for us, whether we’re in a pandemic or not.

What did you learn during lockdown?

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