We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest resource: The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Branded Las Vegas Trade Show Experience. It’s no secret that Las Vegas is the defacto trade show capital of the world. That’s why we’ve dedicated this resource to help you maximize your ROI at your next Vegas show.

Inside, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on crafting the perfect on-brand experience, tips for booking better travel, and clear info on the benefits of working with a Vegas-based exhibit house. Stop losing time stressing out over hotel bookings and which restaurant everyone will like. Instead, impress your team — and your clients — with a fully customized experience that parallels your company’s values.

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Here’s what you’ll find in our newest guide:

  1. The Benefits of Exhibiting in Las Vegas Trade Shows
  2. The Logistics — Planning For Your Upcoming Las Vegas Show
  3. What Happens When You Don’t Plan Appropriately
  4. Defining Your Brand Archetype
  5. Planning Based On Your Archetype
  6. Making Travel Plans: Transportation to and Around Las Vegas
  7. Upcoming Trade Shows in Las Vegas in 2020
  8. Choose the Right Las Vegas Exhibit House
  9. Start Planning Your Next Vegas Trade Show

Want a peek inside? Check out Chapter 4, focused on defining your brand archetype.

Defining Your Brand Archetype


Archetypes define the way people think about and interact with your brand. Sometimes, those associations are unconscious, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

Think about the way Campbell’s Soup is synonymous with comfort, or how Nike exudes the spirit of competition, heroism, and success. You connect those brands with those ideas because their marketing comes from a firm understanding of their archetype.

Here are the 12 brand archetypes. Choose the one that represents your brand, align your marketing with its ideals, and you can unlock the full potential of your brand.

Icon 11) The Caregiver

Focused on serving others, the Caregiver is helpful and selfless. They do what they can to take care of others spiritually, physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. Examples of Caregiver brands include Johnson’s Baby, Campbell’s, and TOMS.

icon 22) The Creator

The Creator is skilled, creative, and inventive. Their work engages others to celebrate their individuality through artistic expression. Examples of Creator brands include Canon, LEGO, and YouTube.

Icon 33) The Entertainer

Entertainers love to play, have a great sense of humor, and always work to help others have the best time possible. Above all, the Entertainer ensures that everyone is having fun. Examples of Entertainer brands include Doritos, Geico, and Priceline.

Icon 44) The Explorer

The Explorer is a pioneer always looking for the most authentic experience. They seek freedom and adventure off the beaten path. Examples of Explorer brands include The North Face, Jeep, and Starbucks.

Icon 55) The Realist

The Realist identifies with a solid set of values to illustrate that they’re down to earth and hardworking. Realists are relatable, easily accepted, and genuine. Examples of Realist brands include Levi’s, IKEA, and Charles Schwab.

Icon 66) The Hero

Strong, capable, and action-oriented, the Hero exhibits masterful competence to overcome challenges and help others to achieve their loftiest goals. Examples of Hero brands include Nike, FedEx, and the Marine Corps.

Icon 77) The Innocent

Trust, happiness, and simplicity define the Innocent. Their undying optimism is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise negative, complicated world. Examples of Innocent brands include Coca-Cola, Dove, and Snuggle.

Icon 88) The Lover

The Lover is focused on relationships. They attract others by connecting with their passions, engaging all their senses, and developing intimate experiences. Examples of Lover brands include Victoria’s Secret, NARS, and Häagen-Dazs.

Icon 99) The Magician

The Magician is a dreamer and a dream-maker. They have bold ideas and execute on projects that have the potential to fundamentally shift the way we interact with our world. Examples of Magician brands include Disney, Lululemon, and TED.

Icon 1010) The Maverick

The Maverick goes against the grain. They help others defy norms, disrupt the everyday routine, and break free from conformity as a means of preserving their own individuality. Examples of Maverick brands include Harley Davidson, Urban Outfitters, and MTV.

Icon 1111) The Royalty

The Royalty is a symbol of success. They’re aristocrats, executives, and powerful leaders who grow their audience through exclusivity and prosperity. Examples of Royalty brands include Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Rolls Royce.

Icon 1212) The Sage

The Sage is a truth-seeker. They make intelligent decisions based on hard facts, always do their research, and lead others to make their own educated choices. Examples of Sage brands include Google, The Wall Street Journal, and Morgan Stanley.


Want more info on the 12 brand archetypes, along with hotel, dining, and entertainment recommendations that align with each one? Get your copy now and start mapping the path to success at your next Vegas trade show.

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