Planning for a great trade show marketing campaign can be challenging.

You’ve got to identify your target audience, ensure that you are attracting the right attendees, and employ compelling visuals that will draw people in. No pressure or anything!

Oh, and you also need to set goals and determine how you will measure success. It’s a lot to unpack, but we’ve got you covered with our brand new webinar, Creating A Trade Show Campaign That Will WOW, that just launched on December 11.


Learn how to develop an effective game plan to absolutely nail your next trade show.

Join Steelhead Productions co-founder and CMO Rhiannon Andersen for a discussion on how your company can make a major splash with your next big trade show campaign.

This 45-minute discussion dives deep into the 15 points you need to develop a creative brief that aligns your internal event team and vendors on your exhibiting vision. You’ll get expert guidance on designing your strategy, including:

  • Determining your target audience: Who are they? What do they care about? Why are they at the show?
  • Engaging your audience with all the senses: First impressions matter. We’ll guide you through all the sensory ways in which to entice your audience.
  • Define what it is you want your audience to do: Whether it’s taking a product demo, sitting for a presentation, or having a meeting.

For more info, watch the free webinar, Creating A Trade Show Campaign that Will WOW.

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