At Steelhead we have what we call our Core Purpose, which is written and displayed throughout our office and states “Steelhead exists to share resources to create great experiences." It says nothing about what we do as a company, but rather why we exist as a company. 

A business is simply a collection of resources, usually assembled for the sole purpose of commerce. Yet, when you gather those resources and aim them for good, incredible things can happen. 

Right now, the world could use some good and all of us here at Steelhead are here to help in anyway we can. 

Of course we are here to help our customers navigate their every changing realities, but we are also part of an industry and community that is struggling as well.  There is uncertainty and unrest in our world today, and for very good reason, both of which affect people in different ways. We may not be able to solve all problems, but we are here to listen and then help in any way we can.

Sometimes just being seen and heard is enough.  Sometimes much more is needed. 

On #BlackoutTuesday we took the day to learn and gathered some resources on how we can make progress towards unity and equality. Click here to see what we've learned.

We have gathered an amazing group of people here at Steelhead, and their collective talent and passion is here to be a bright spot during not so bright times.   

Please let us know if there's any way we can help. Be well. 

- Sean Combs, CEO

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