Consider two booth designs. One is all bells and whistles — massive LED displays, a maze of products, a crowded main booth — and the other features a striking design that is also inviting for attendees. It has enough space to encourage a steady traffic flow while still making human interaction possible.

Chances are, if you go with the first booth, you’ll likely garner attention but won’t attract much in the way of leads and sales. The second option, however, can reel in attendees and keep them engaged, providing you with more chances to make a connection and, eventually, a potential sale.

So how do you go about designing an effective booth? It involves answering two questions before you even start your design: What do you want people to think and say about your brand? And what current trends best fit your brand?

1. What Do You Want Prospects to Feel?

steelhead_blog-graphics_interactingYour brand image is the most important element of a trade show. You want attendees to leave your booth with specific feelings about your company and your products. That’s why we created a whole guide about planning a branded trade show experience in Las Vegas.

To make this happen, you must come up with what you believe your brand should convey to prospects. Start with the end in mind — the primary objective you want to hit — and then work backwards on how best to guide attendees to that goal.

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For example: Do you want to leave attendees feeling that you are a cutting-edge company? Then that feeling should be reflected through a design that leverages technology.

What if you want to leave the impression that your company provides personal, one-on-one service? You’ll want to ensure your booth design is warm, inviting, and provides attendees with a bit of respite from the crowded show floor.

2. Which Trends Fit Your Brand?

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Booth design trends should always be treated as a potential blueprint — a source of inspiration — rather than the finished product.

Put another way, don’t follow other designs just because you think they’re cool. Instead, put a lot of thought into how trends fit with your brand and the story you want your exhibit to tell about your company.

Gigantic LED displays and other visual fireworks are awesome, but if they don’t assist in the display of your products and services they can easily overshadow them.

As you set out to design your exhibit, map out what has previously worked best for your brand. Then ask yourself what new technology and trends you can add to make your exhibit even more effective.

You want your brand presence to be fresh while still feeling cohesive, your exhibit design trendy without appearing to simply be a copycat.

For more tips and tricks for exhibit design, download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide To Designing a Trade Show Booth.

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