“In reality, renting requires just as much forethought, analysis, and comparison as purchasing, regarding everything from fees and terms to supplier selection and contract obligations.” Help!, Exhibitor magazine

A custom-designed rental is the best way for brands to create a unique experience for every trade show they attend. Plus, the up-front investment is far below that of a purchased booth. But, that doesn’t mean your choice of rental provider is one to take lightly. An awesome rental provider is someone your brand will hopefully work with for years to come, so getting your choice right the first time is important.

We took a look at questions Exhibitor magazine recommends for anyone searching for a custom booth rental provider. We took a stab at answering each of their questions, and added a few questions of our own.

1. What materials, structures, and ancillary elements are available?

A good designer should have an expansive library of materials, structural pieces, and other elements to make your dream booth a reality. If they don’t have what you want for your booth, they should demonstrate their willingness and ability to get what you want.

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2. How are long-term discounts structured into the agreement, and is there an option to purchase?

At Steelhead, we’re strong proponents of creating long-term relationships because they build on previous successes to make us better collaborators in the future. We don’t offer long-term discounts because we believe in providing you with a booth that meets your budget now, not in the future.

We also don’t offer an option to purchase because we believe booth ownership isn’t an effective solution for anyone. The savings generated from renting vanish if you decide to purchase. All of a sudden you're on the hook for storage, maintenance, and shipping.

3. What additional fees are involved?

Your rental shouldn’t come with any hidden fees. At Steelhead, one of our brand promises is “no surprises.” We provide every client with a guaranteed quote that includes everything you need, from the design process all the way through to shipping and setup/takedown at the trade show. If something changes along the way, we eat the cost.

4. What additional services are required to manage and/or display the exhibit property?

One of the main benefits of a custom-designed rental is not having to shell out for additional services to manage your exhibit. Our support team takes care of managing labor teams to build your exhibit and stays on-site throughout the trade show to ensure you have everything you need to achieve your marketing goals and get your message out.

5. Can other exhibitors rent the same properties we plan to use?

Not at Steelhead. Your rental is custom-designed for you.

Additional Questions From Steelhead

6. Is your team a good culture fit for us?

Consider that you’re going to work closely with your rental vendor to create one of the most critical components of your marketing plan. You should make sure that their team culture is a match for your brand. Get to know them and, if possible, plan a visit to meet the team in person.

7. How does your team support our marketing goals during the trade show?

At every trade show, our team sticks with you to take care of any last-minute surprises so you can focus on your trade show strategy. From on-the-spot fixes to urgent requests for more materials or additional booth elements, we’re there to help you every step of the way.

Find out more about why we always recommend renting. Download our white paper: 3 Pitfalls Of Owning A Trade Show Exhibit.

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3 Pitfalls of Owning a Trade Show Exhibit

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