Purchasing a booth represents a massive capital investment for any brand. To justify that investment, brands have to commit to using that same booth for an average of three–five years. It's also a capital expense that requires depreciation.

Making changes or updates only prolongs that timeline for purchasing a new booth, forcing brands to choose between stale marketing or a money pit that grows deeper every year.

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When unexpected changes require significant updates, like a last-minute rebranding, a purchased booth can become worthless overnight. To see how this idea works in practice, let’s take a look at one of our clients.

Monitronics: A Case Study in Flexibility

 In 2013, Monitronics contacted us looking for a new approach to trade show marketing. The home security company had owned their last booth for five years and had grown tired of displaying the same exhibit year after year. They wanted something they could update between annual visits to ISC West, their biggest event of the year.

Rebranding Without Starting Over

Just three weeks before ISC West 2018, we learned that Monitronics was rebranding as Brinks Home Security. Working closely with Monitronics marketing team, our design team was able to quickly update graphics and other booth elements to reflect the new branding design.

If Monitronics had still owned their booth, a rebrand would have required sacrificing their entire booth. With just three weeks to go before the show, it’s likely they wouldn’t have had the time or resources to make that change happen.

A custom-designed rental sets your brand free from the constraints that booth ownership inflicts. With a rental, you get a booth that reflects your current budget and marketing goals for every trade show you attend.

We love working with our clients to make sure they get the perfect booth. Sometimes, that means making last-minute changes that wouldn’t be possible with an owned booth.

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