When an exhibit is packed up in crates and shipped to its trade show destination, there are a lot of puzzle pieces you’re not only hoping show up and fit properly, but be exactly what you need them to be.

There’s a lot of hope in that equation, and with the unknown may come some surprises – some of which may not be for the good of the people, if you know what we’re saying.

Let us make a suggestion: The first time you see your exhibit should not be on the show floor. Is there any other way? Yes, my friends. Yes there is. Enter a little trade secret we like to call pre-staging.

Pre-staging is a chance for everyone feel a little bit better about what they’re paying for, and to know exactly what will show up on the trade show floor. What we look for is your first reaction to what you see. Often, a client’s initial reaction to an exhibit indicates what their overall feeling toward the exhibit will be. In other words, go with your gut.

After that first glance, it’s time to put on your spectacles. This is the time to review and confirm color matches and other graphic placements. If your booth has a product display, this is the time to confirm how well the placement of these products flows with the space around it. If there needs to be any last minute additions, this is the time to do it.

Audio and visual (A/V) placement is also a big discussion. Do you have all the necessary equipment to run presentations and demos? We can talk about any additional power that is needed to pull these off.

Check out your storage space. Make sure there are coat hooks, a place for personal belongings, coffee and other things that attendees don’t need to see cluttering an exhibit. Decide if any of these areas need to be locked.

Furniture arrangements can determine if there is enough walking space, sitting room and overall feng shui.

If anything else comes to your mind that you need, or that wasn’t conveyed in the first rendering, pre-staging is the time to make sure it happens. This is the time to feel reassured and comforted that you exhibit happy! So don’t settle for surprises, because surprises are for the holidays – other than that, they’re for the birds.

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