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How to Use Your Virtual Environment for 2021 Pre-Show Marketing

As the trade show calendar fills up for a promising 2021, it means it's time to start planing your marketing campaigns and strategies that will surround your trade show program!

Feb 25, 2021

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Exhibitor Survey Results - Q4 2020

We asked, you answered. Hear from your fellow #eventprofs colleagues on their virtual and tradeshow plans for 2021.

Dec 1, 2020

7 Benefits Of Virtual Environment Marketing

The face-to-face marketing opportunities found at live events, traditional retail spaces, and trade shows will always be the most preferred way to connect with customers and prospects.

Oct 7, 2020

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Is Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy Ready for 2021?

It’s no secret that the trade show and live events industry experienced a massive shakeup this year.

Sep 23, 2020

The 3 Most Effective Virtual Marketing Engagements

Are you in the research process for the perfect virtual marketing engagement solution? Or have you made the investment and are now looking for ways to maximize your customers’ experience?

Sep 9, 2020

Virtual Marketing: What's The Deal With UX/UI?

Many marketers have received a crash course on virtual marketing as we’ve shifted meetings, events, and other forms of collaboration online since March 2020. 

Aug 26, 2020

4 Must Know Factors in Selecting a Virtual Environment

Virtual marketing is having more than a moment; it’s here to stay. When gatherings resume they should remain to enhance your in-person presence. 

Aug 19, 2020

8 Ways to Engage Your Customers in a Virtual Environment

Virtual marketing environments skyrocketed this year due to the cancellation and restrictions of face to face opportunities and live events.  

Aug 17, 2020 1

Simple 3-Step Process to Launching a Virtual Environment

There is a plethora of information about virtual and we get it, it can be quite confusing and perhaps overwhelming! 

Jul 23, 2020 1

"1 in 5 Corporate Marketers is Unsure if Their Primary Exhibit Providers are Still in Business" - Exhibitor Magazine

As we're all faced with an ever-changing business landscape right now, these questions about how you work have surely been on your mind:

May 28, 2020 1