Augmented reality (AR) and self-driving cars are some of the hottest trends in tech right now, which is why we were super excited to work with WayRay for CES 2019. WayRay is a true pioneer in the world of augmented reality. At this year’s CES, they showed off their new AR holographic navigation system for cars. Their system is the first in the industry, so they needed to make a big impact when attendees hit the show floor.

Working closely with WayRay’s marketing teams, we dove into their new technology and collaborated on a booth design that would give attendees an experience to remember.

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Larger-Than-Life Demos

WayRay’s AR navigation system is best understood in the real world when you’re driving around on city streets. But that wasn’t feasible on the show floor at CES. So, we did the next best thing. We created a massive, 180-degree holographic simulator. A huge city display, set on a curved frame, immersed attendees in an urban environment. In the center, we installed WayRay’s navigation systems on a replica car dashboard so that attendees could see the holographic technology in use.

Just behind the 180-degree display, we fit a luxury car into WayRay’s booth. After seeing how the holographic system worked, attendees could hop in the car to get a sense of how seamlessly the technology integrated into an actual car’s interior.

Elegant Design and Plenty of Utility

The sheer size of WayRay’s 180-degree display created a design challenge. With an open booth, the demo could easily become crowded with attendees, making it hard for any one person to appreciate WayRay’s products fully. But adding walls would make it impossible to catch the eye of people passing by. As a workaround, we implemented clear wall panels that offered attendees an enticing peek at the tech inside, while still providing booth staff with a way to manage the demo floor.

Beyond the demos, we provided WayRay with both casual and private meeting spaces. And a video demo area where interested attendees could learn more about the company’s self-driving car technology and new navigation systems.

With great tech and a creative, collaborative relationship, we created an eye-catching design with WayRay that allowed them to make the most of their time at CES 2019.

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